Cultural probes, in the form of postcards designed to invite visitors at heritage sites to reflect on their subjective experiences.

The Team teachable

Through the metaphor of the dandelion latte - a displacing innovation,

I explore how radical design principles may be applied to create references for planet-centered systems of provisioning.

A listening experience that aims to produce a disorienting dilemma for the purpose of generating epistemic change through transformative learning.

Hi, I am Anna. A Ph.D. candidate in Digital Media at the Interactive Technology Institute (ITI) at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, University of Lisbon.
An award-winning sound designer in my previous practice, founded Attic Sound Ltd, where I supervised sound teams for many acclaimed films, TV-dramas, radio programmes and games.
My PhD thesis title is currently 'Design Futuring: Methodologies for regenerative technologies'.
My research will explore how design and HCI can broaden concrete conceptualisations of pluriversal, equitable and diverse narratives for hopeful, liveable futures in tangible and accessible ways. I aim to design artefacts and experimental (meta)design methodologies that allow for original insights, developing a position on design innovation that contributes to debates on climate change adaptation.
I will examine methods for epistemological shifts towards designing from a caring value logic, using Second-order Design Fictions to support a re-imagining of design and innovation without depletion by taking into account consequences (agnotology and causality) across complex systems.
I'm a member of the Design Research Society, the Systemic Design Association, Design Activists for Regenerative Futures and ab__Network.
RSD11 | 13-16th Oct, 2022

The exhibition at Grand Parade campus during Relating Systems Design Symposium (13-16 October) #RSD11, showcases MA Sustainable Design projects from the last three years. It emphasises how work produced on the course engages with systemic design issues and approaches.

London Design Week |
17-24th Sept, 2022

I exhibited my design research Masters outputs as part of London Design Week at the Design District in North Greenwich alongside work by my fellow students and alumni from the University of Brighton, with the purpose of stimulating conversations in the design community about the value of design research in understanding the complex and urgent issues faced locally and globally.

MA Graduate Show |
20-23rd Aug, 2022

The end-of-year MA showcase exhibition at The Ledward Centre in Brighton, celebrated radical alternative visions of collective futures and possibilities of sustainable change. The work presented a snapshot of the adventures through postgraduate study in Sustainable Design.

The Team teachable

Relating Systems Thinking & Design Conference | RSD11

Discern: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

If you are curious about my work,
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Anna Bertmark
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