Appendix to "Let’s talk about the climate impact of digital tech and what we can do about it"
@ The Fusebox, July 17th, 2023:
Resources for the decarbonisation and transitioning of digital technologies to within safe planetary boundaries:
  • Ask: Do you actually need it? Who loses out and benefits? Is there lower-impact way?
  • Remove old posts/data/content off the web that’s no longer relevant or in use.
  • Reward energy efficiency and less energy use - celebrate your caring efforts!
  • Switch to renewable energy sources, and use servers, cloud storage and networks powered by renewable energy.
  • Using still images, audio, or low-resolution video for internal and public communications.
  • Purchase energy-efficient equipment and keep it as long as possible.
  • Extend the lives and use of appliances by servicing and repair.
  • Reward emotional attachment to our devices.
  • Lease instead of purchasing outright to retain affordability and extend use.
Recycle Resell & Donate
  • Resell unwanted electronics to reputable resellers or refurbishment schemes.
  • Dispose of electronics correctly at registered recycling centres or check manufacturers take back schemes that they stay within the value chain.
Calculating the carbon emissions of digital activity:

Buying guaranteed refurbished & selling unused devices:

Learn more about carbon impact of everyday activities:

Sustainable company organisation, governance and ops:
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